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Water heater

Ridge Plumbing and Heating offers same-day replacement of water heaters if necessary, and installations are generally completed by Ridge Plumbing and Heating trained, licensed professionals within an hour of arrival. After removing your old heater from your home, we dispose of it in a proper facility.
There are several choices for heating water these days, and when it comes time to decide which is best for your specific application, many factors have to be considered. After deciding on these factors, Ridge Plumbing and Heating experts can repair or replace your old water heater, or install an entirely new system that meets your needs and your home or building's specifications, ensuring you efficiency, reliability, and long-lasting value. Ridge Plumbing and Heating performs an array of heating system repair services, as well as installation and repairs of new boilers and heating units. We also provide responsive 24-hour emergency heating system repair service should your heating system go down outside of normal operating hours.